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Quantum Mechanics Practical Scenarios

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    I want to pursue my Masters in Research in the field of Quantum physics. I would like to understand the practical usage of quantum physics for eg: where it is used in real world and if any books to refer regarding the practical usage.

    I have good collection of books on quantum physics which never explain the real world scenarios. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    cheers! VP
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    What do you mean by real world?

    Anything around us is governed by the laws of quantum theory, at least there is no known case where quantum theory is invalid. The very fact that matter around us is stable, given the atomistic structure of it, is a quantum phenomenon. The computer or better said semiconductors, transistors, integrated circuits and all that it is based on, I'm typing this posting on is an application of quantum theory and so on...
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    What I meant by Real world is , there are many theories ,laws and principles are there in quantum mechanics .whenever I read any topic for example Linear harmonic oscillator , there equations mentioned for which some solutions are given .I could understand the equations and solutions given .But it always making me incomplete in understanding the topic without knowing where to apply this? which real world entity is applied to the topic.No textbooks are supporting such examples.so I really wants an advice how how to apply the theories given .any advice would be appreciated.

    cheers !
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    OP, quantum physics is daily working material in solid state physics and theoretical chemistry. For example, everything "electronic structure" is inherently quantum mechanic.

    To give you an example, in computational chemistry molecular geometries and properties are routinely calculated using either Kohn-Sham density functional methods or wave function methods (both being quantum mechanical approaches). The harmonic oscillator approximations you mentioned are then often employed (for computational cost reasons) to estimate statistical partition functions in order to calculate finite-temperature properties like enthalpies, entropies, etc.
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    In case the quantum mechanics is applying in semiconductors ,transistors ,molecular geometries , can I say like this..."quantum mechanics is necessarily to be understand to study solid state physics and electronics."
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