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Homework Help: Question About Archimedes ? HELP!

  1. Apr 23, 2007 #1
    Question About Archimedes ??? HELP!

    How Did Archimedes Resolve the problem of the Crown ?
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    I have found the same article 2 days ago...
    and I'm not shouting...
    What effort do you want me to show anyway there you had the
    question it needs to be answered...
    This question was easy i just googled it ...
    The question that no one could answer was the oil/water one
    and i gave my effort on it and no one did it...
    So don't accuse me of shouting... *:mad:
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    Doc Al

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    What's the point of this thread? Is there a problem you are stuck on? If so, show what you've done and where you are stuck.
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