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I Question about Chirality and the Weak Interaction

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    From my understanding, the weak interaction only acts of Left-Handed Chiral Particles, and Right-Handed Chiral Anti Particles.

    There have been observed fermions (other than neutrinos, where all observed neutrinos are Left Handed Chiral) where some are left handed and some are right handed.

    For instance there exist electrons which have left handed chirality and electrons which have right handed chirality.

    Does that therefore mean that the weak interaction does act on all electrons? Does the weak interaction only act on the left chiral electrons while not acting on the right chiral electrons?

    The same goes for positrons. Will the weak interaction only act on the right chiral positrons while not acting on left chiral positrons?

    Thank you
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    W bosons only interact with left-handed particles and right-handed anti-particles. Z bosons interact with left- and right-handed particles, but with different interaction strengths.

    Electrons have mass and therefore chiral states are not the physical electron states. The charged currents will only "see" the part of the electron that is left-handed.
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