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Schools Question about Florida Atlantic University.

  1. Oct 17, 2012 #1
    How is the physics program at Florida Atlamtic University? Is it a good program? Is the school good in general? I ask this because I am most likely going to end up at this university and I am concerned with the quality. All responses will be greatly appreciated!
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    I'm familiar with the university but I wouldn't recommend it. In Florida, the top physics you could get at a public institution is at UF and FSU. All other programs are a bit weaker.

    Now for FAU. All i know is their math coursework is weak compared to the ones mentioned above. I don't know anything about their physics coursework though. You should see what courses they offer that interest you, read their most recent syllabus, and compare with FSU and UF and make judgements from there.

    Research is another issue. And I don't believe FAU has the funding to do much compared to others in Florida.

    I wouldn't recommend UM at all if it crosses your mind. Maybe UCF is decent.
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    FAU is a big player in the field of gravitational/relativistic physics.

    Like Kungo said, UF and FSU are probably better. UF is top 50 physics school and FSU has the national magnetic laboratory.

    I go to FIU and we're an ok physics department, tougher and more organized than UM, but the math requirements are weak. There is a lot of research going on though, I do research in plasma physics and have friends doing research in nuclear physics, biophysics, condensed matter, astrophysics, and education.
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    Just as a "fyi": FAU has the Wilkes Honors College you may wish to look into.
  6. Oct 18, 2012 #5
    If your in Florida, check out New College of Florida.
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