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Question about Pumps and Nozzles

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    How do I know if a pump I have is strong enough to suck up a pool of mucky water? What equations would I use?

    And how do I calculate the pressure with which the water would be discharged?
    Then finally how do I determine the correct nozzle to disperse this water?

    This is not a homework question but a real world problem!
    Thank you :)
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    Simon Bridge

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    If you already have a pump, then you can read the manufacturers notes on the matter.
    The manufacturer will give you a bunch of information about the proper operation of the pump.

    This is not something you would calculate as much as try it and see.

    The basic equations are:
    Bournoulli's equation, with conservation of energy and momentum ... and some for converting masses and densities. But what you mean by "mucky water" will be important - what is the largest article size for example? Does the pump have to contend with leaves and bits of stick or stone?

    Real life is messy.
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