Question about what the bleep do we know and superposition of a particle.

  1. Question about "what the bleep do we know" and superposition of a particle.

    well it seems that "what the bleep" is somewhat a touchy subject to many people, ill ask my question in a different way then.

    question on the 2slit experiment: does a single particle actually go through both slits at once, or is it a mere assumption. since, by measuring/observing which slit it actually goes through collpases the wavefuntion. is there no possible way to come up with concrete evidence, say a video or a picture of a single particle being at multiple places, or in this case going through both slits at once? i would imagine that a video or a picture would be an act of measurement, therefor impossible?
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    Someone hold up the physics version of the cross and start throwing on holy water!

    While they are doing that Bluesky use the search function to find threads with "BLEEP" in it to see where this movie has been dealt with many many times. You find better recommendations and all the comments you will ever need about that movie.

    That way you need never speak of that thing again!
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  4. Could it be that if one tries to locate which slit the particle goes through by taking a posotion measurement, we would find that the double-slit interference pattern is destroyed and one can not know how this sinble particle passes through the two slits?

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    What you are asking is the principle of superposition. There is no need to drag in that awful "movie".

    Please do a search in the QM forum for the 2-slit experiment, or the principle of superposition. Once you find one, if you still think that you have further questions to ask, please continue there.

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