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Homework Help: Question about wording of problem geometry

  1. Jan 2, 2013 #1
    So I am not asking for any help, on the question, I figured it out and got the right ans. My problem is with the wording.

    Question: The points A,B and C lie on Horizontal ground and are such AB=19m, BC=16m and CA=21m

    a) calculate the size of angle ACB

    The part I have underlined is the bit that through, a bit confusing mainly because I cant really picture it, dose it mean that is lie in the horizontal plane, or something like that. The only way I was able to workout that, I had to use the cosine rule was because it ask me to calculate the size of angle ACB. So basically I made a assumption, which is not good, when trying to figure out maths.

    Could someone help me out with the wording of the question, to me its slightly misleading.

    Thanks in advance; happy new year.
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    Yes, it just means they're in a horizontal plane. Seems like an attempt to use less technical language.
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