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Question for the physics pros

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    With Hawking's new show out and all of the other shows similar to it, I'm wondering what your take might be about these programs. Do you find them irresponible in their tendancy to gloss over weighty concepts(as I am no pro, this does annoy me) or do you find them to be helpful in creating an interest in general in the field?
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    I never needed sci-fi to be interested in physics. First relativity, and then quantum mechanics, and then both together ... thanks, it already shook my personal preconceptions quite enough to motivate me to study seriously. This being said, I do not have a television.
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    funny---I have relativity and quantum theory links under my science fiction bookmark folder; and, same here for a while no tv (for about 17 years-do have one now though)
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    You're welcome?
    I'd take this to mean that you either find Hawking or television's interpretation of him as sci-fi? Either way I should have perhaps been more clear that I was soliciting the opinions of those who had seen such programs.

    *Relativity is what got me too.
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    Yes, especially his latest comment on alien life. From the individual who made the most important (the only ?) experimental prediction in quantum gravity, and who has to think quite a while before communicating anything, I was rather disappointed.

    Anyway, just to make it quite clear what I mean : if there is any physics "pro" who happens to have read Hawking professional publications, AND watched Hawking's TV shows, I express strong doubts that the TV shows can survive the comparison. I remain convinced that I do not need to watch the TV shows to have confidence in this opinion, simply because the value of his professional publications is just too high, priceless... For instance, pretty much the entire physics community is convinced
    1) black-holes do evaporate.
    2) if anybody (LHC ?) would publish experimental results for BH evaporation, Hawking would get the Nobel prize the following year.
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    I am certainly not a pro and I agree.


    Of this I have no doubt, and I can assure you that I am jealous. (that might read as sarcastic, but it's not)
    I just wonder about these things...
    Thanks humanino :approve:
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    Because of tv millions of people now know how to travel through time. Unfortunately, the next Einstein doesn't have a tv and has taken an interest in mythology.
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    I think someone offered him a boatload of money to give his 'opinions' on different subjects, and then prodded him a little more to take it to the extreme

    hmmm, I guess I live in a different community then----I'm an OOT...

    (out of towner)
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    What did he say about alien life?
    Who would that be?
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