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Question on winter semester classes

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    hello again, basically just having a question on the classes I'm taking next semester, I'm so far registered for Physics I w/ Calc, a Physics Problem Solving Class (kind of a supplement for Physics I that my school offers), Calculus II, and Discrete Mathematics; these are all repeats actually and I was wondering if it would be better to wait on the Discrete Math till the Summer and focus completely on Calc and Physics this semester, I really want B's or better (A's if I can make it) to up my GPA; I'm pretty sure my problem before was that I wasn't studying enough so I intend to really up my study time now just wondering if all 3 of these would be too much in one semester?
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    That depends on you and on the classes. They'll all probably involve substantial homework, so if might be best to postpone the Discrete Math course if you can do so harmlessly.
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