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Questions about perpetual machines

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    If there was a machine that claimed to have all the characteristics of such a machine and relied on gravity, can it be called a perpetual machine?
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    and by the way, whoever closed my thread, umm...if you weren't so trigger-happy you could have simply moved it to the appropriate section. :)
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    The post will be closed here also...
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    are you serious? do UFOs exist?

    And I'm not even suggesting that there is such a thing as a perpetual machine. Please just read my question first. I understand now that the title is misleading. NOTICE THE IF.
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    A machine that has all the characteristics of a PMM is a PMM. A machine that claims to have all these characteristics, claims to be a PMM. Whether it uses gravity or carrier pigeons is irrelevant.

    When a thread is locked and a reason given, you do not open a new thread with the same content unless you wish to antagonize the staff. If you have a question about why your thread was locked, ask the mentor in a PM. If you can convince that Mentor that you have not violated any guidelines, the thread will be reopened. If it isn't, and you're not happy with the reasons given to you, post a complaint in the Feedback Section.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    FYI, even though the thread is closed, since there is no specific claim of an unexplained phenomenon, or evidence of perpetual motion, I have moved it to GD.
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