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Quick answer, manchester or ucl for theoretical physics

  1. Mar 31, 2010 #1
    Come on guys, the decision deadline is coming up!

    I am completely and utterly in two minds.

    As I understand it Manchester is better for physics than UCL, but UCL is a much better university.

    Which one dudessssss :S


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    For an ugrad what does better mean?
    Researchers you never see got a higher RAE rating?
    The institute gets more grants, publishes more papers?
    Or 50years ago somebody working there got a Nobel prize?

    Seriously for an undergrad any top tier uni is the same, it's mostly down to luck on the particular lecturer that year.

    What's more important is the place you live in, if you like countryside and quiet you aren't going to be happy at UCL however good the course. (Similarly if you want to see a girl you don't want to go to Imperial ;-) )
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    Thanks dude, I think i'll kick myself if I don't go to London, the music scene is too much of a pull haha :P

    Your help is really appreciated, good to know that there's not too much in it with regards to reputation/teaching/research etc.

    Nice one fella, i'll go confirm now!
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    I thought Manchester was the "hip and trendy young music scene" town these days?
    Shows how old I am!

    Living in London is worth doing once - and the only way to do it is to be a student or very-very rich, UCL used to have relatively good accommodation options as far as London goes.

    Says who? All those ratings schemes are junk anyway.
    The physics dept at UCL was always very close to both the Astronomy and Maths dept, you certainly used to be able to pick and choose course from all three - useful if you are interested in theory (you could even have a Maths+Astronomy degree).

    Manchester and UMIST have merged since my day so I don't know anything about them, I don't remember meeting anybody that did physics there.
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