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Homework Help: Quick help How much acid do I need to add?

  1. May 19, 2007 #1
    Chemistry questions

    Q1: Calculate the amount of 6M HCl that would be required to neutralize and acidify (to ~pH2) the reaction mixture of 1g Benzaldehyde and 2mL 10M KOH.
    I think this is the chemical equation:
    Benzaldehyde + KOH + H+ -> Benzyl Alcohol + Benzoic Acid

    Q2: 64% yield of 1,1 - diphenylethanol and a 16% yield of biphenyl is isolated from the complete reaction of 1.70g of acetophenone. Determine the masses of the two products. Also, why is there biphenyl in the product?

    Q3: In the reaction of cyclohexylmagnesium bromine with butanone, the Grignard reagent was prepared from 6.0g of cyclohexyl bromide and was then treated with a solution of 3.9g butanone in 25mL of "wet " diethyl ether (the ether contains 1.0% of water (by mass)).
    i. Calculate the mass of cyclohexane that would be produced
    ii. Calculate the max. theoretical yield (in grams) of tertiary alcohol (corrected for loss due to cyclohexane formation).

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    Q1) Write the reaction as two separate reactions. One for the Cannizzaro reaction and one for the neutralization. You will need to know the pKa of benzoic acid for this answer.

    Q2) Unclear. Complete reaction between acetophenone and what? Is there a catalyst present?

    Q3) Write down the equations of the reaction between to produce the grignard. Also the equations for reaction of the grignard with water and butanone.
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