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Homework Help: [Chemistry Lab] Isolation of Aldehyde and Carboxylic Acid

  1. May 18, 2007 #1
    [Chemistry Lab] Cannnizzaro Reaction

    Hi! I am having some questions about my chemistry lab.

    In the lab we are given 1 of the 5 unknown aldehyde (benzaldehyde, anisaldehyde, nitrobenzaldehyde, chlorobenzaldehyde, and dimethoxybenzaldehyde) and reacts it with methanol and KOH to undergo Cannizzaro Reaction.

    1) To calculate the amount of 6M HCL that need to neutralize and acidify (to ~pH 2) the reaction mixture once the reaction is complete.

    2) A total of 3.12g of furfural was treated under Cannnizzaro conditions to produce 0.84g of furfural alcohol and 0.75g of furoic acid. What is the % Yield of each product.

    For this question i got 26.37% for furfural alcohol and 20.61% furoic acid. I just want to confirm if i got it right.

    3) After condensation, what are some good ways to isolate the alchohol and carboxylic acid products that are formed in the reaction?

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    Are you sure that methanol was used in this "Cannizzaro" reaction? It sounds more like an aldol...
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