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Quick question about the properties of dark matter/energy

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    Just some thought on dark matter/energy, please correct me if I am wrong in any case:

    Is it possible to explain the difficulty in detecting the dark matter from earth due to
    1)the relative Size and Scale of space it's occupying, or
    2) the Mass it's affecting,
    in order for them to have effective influence on other matter?

    Kind of similar to (Just an example) the graviton particle, under the scale of sub-atomic level it has almost puny to no effect on other particles, but gravitons(responsible for gravity) have huge effects on the scale of cosmic size matter such as galaxies..etc.

    Could it be the dark matter works relatively in large(Comic) scale only?

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    We interprete Hubble's law that inflation of space enlarges wavelength of travelling lights emitted from stars. Wavelength of light is QM size matter. So inflation of space or dark matter distribution actually affects QM size matter in a very uniform way.
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    Dark matter is not affected by any force except gravity. Since solid matter is actually quite empty (except for neutron stars), dark matter particles can pass through without being noticed, except for a possible direct collision with a nucleus, which is hard to detect.
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    Hi sweet springs,

    Thank you for your reply. So how does dark matter inflate the space in between the more distant galaxies in a higher rate than the closer galaxies when its affects in QM size is uniform?

    Does it happen in a sense that it's inflating faster on the outer range of the universe relatively compare to the center(or the observer) of the universe? Again, please correct me if I'm wrong in any cases.

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    Thank you mathman, do you think if, we waited for long enough time and still unable to observe a direct/indirect sub-atomic particles collision, and at the same time, other groups are working on modifying mathematics equations and laws that would fit on comic scales (similar to what happens on quantum mechanics);

    It will coming into a situation that we have different sets of laws and physics for different scale of matter? (When sizes go from one extreme to another extreme, would that be consider as different dimensions, as they suspect 6 dimensions are hidden in the quantum world, and the 11th dimension is hidden between parallel universes...)

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    I myself is learning it in another thread that would entertain you also.
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