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Homework Help: Quick Question not sure if im understanding what this question is asking

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    Limiting Reactant Question..A Little help needed

    Consider equation:
    Ga2S3(g) + 6H2O (l) ---- 2Ga(OH)2 (s) + 3H2S (g)

    Assume that 35.0g of Ga2S3 and 13.0g H2O are allowed to react...
    (a) determine limiting reagent! --- FIGURED THIS OUT (it's H2O)
    (b) calculate mass of hydrogen sulfide (do i use limiting reagent?)
    (c) calculate mass of gallium hydroxide (do i use limiting reagent here too?)

    just quick yes and no answers will help me out...thanks!:smile:
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    hahha i need this in a few hours...
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    ^^title of thread changed
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    Yeap, the limiting reagent is H20, and all calculations onwards will base on the limiting reagent.
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    hey thanks a lot God bless! sorry for the multiple posts on this thread haha
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    You'd use the limiting because thats the max that could be possibly produced. Its like saying you filled a 1000mL graudated cylinder with 5000mL if you used the excess reactant
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    ahhh makes sense...good look
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    Haha maybe ill try...:redface:
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    I wonder how you could figure anything if the reaction is not balanced :wink:
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    You do realize hes talking to you, right? :confused: :confused:
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    Your equation isnt balanced....:grumpy:
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    lol thats why i said good look :smile:
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