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Quick question on big bang as expansion of space itself.

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    I've seen some scientists say on videos and write in books that big bang was the expansion of space itself. Is there actual evidence to support this? That space expands on a large scale after the big bang is ok but to say that the big bang was the expansion of space itself seems a bit odd to me.

    IF the big bang was the expansion of space itself, seems like there's nothing outside the big bang, but we couldn't possibly klnow that!

    Well, is there actual evidence to support this?
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    Just look into Metric Expansion and such issues as superluminal galactic recession velocities... this isn't a tough one. You can probably get all you need from wikipedia.
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    Indeed it is odd...but the only way in which this hypothesis can be maintained is if we take the previous pre-big bang universe and blow it up like a balloon so the space inside the balloon expands.

    That's correct. In fact what exist outside the big-bang is another universe that provided the necessery ingridients for the current big-bang to take place.
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    If you work in Superstring/Multiverse area, shouldnt you mention that it is very hypotetical, and there are also other theories, without 'another universes', and there is no observational evidence to tell one from another? Your post can do more harm than good.
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