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R.I.P. Phyllis Diller died today.

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    Haa! Fang says he's going out to get a good meal.
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    She was quite a character. R.I.P.
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    Loved her persona!
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    Ms. Diller had a strange comedic persona. I never could get used to it.

    She was an accomplished concert pianist and gourmet cook.


    She certainly had the right attitude.

    RIP, Phyllis.
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    I watched her on TV as a teen, and loved her and her maniacal laugh. You had to be in "the zone" to appreciate her. Milton Berle was an acquired taste, too, IMO, but he had his place even if he provided his own laugh-track most of the time. (Diller did the same!)
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    "Truly famous", lots of wanna-bees croaking all the time but they don't have the staying power of those from our youth that really made an impression on the world.

    RIP PD.
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