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Raising operator for s in |s,m> states

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    Are there any known (collective spin) operators to raise or lower the quantum number s in [tex]\left|{s,m}\right>[/tex] spin states?

    I'm trying to construct coherent states varying the quantum number s instead of the well known spin coherent states varying m.

    I found a coherent-like state similar to the one I'm looking for:
    [tex]\left|{\psi}\right>= \displaystyle\sum_{j\geq{\left |{m}\right |}}^{N/2} Y(j) \left|{j,m}\right> [/tex]
    where Y(j) has to do with the number of young tableaux associated with j and N is the number of spin 1/2 particles we are considering. But I haven't been able to find a reference about it.

    Any help will be appreciated.
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    That's an interesting question. Googling gave this unpublished Word document, dealing with this question for orbital angular momentum. I've not checked it, but unpublished Word documents are quite suspicious usually. Perhaps it helps you to start your own research, anyway:

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    This has been published in the International Journal of Theoretical Physics.
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    Great! In addition to be more credible, it's far better readable than this awful (typographically wise, I mean) Word document :-)).
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