Raoult's Law, Finding an unknown compound

  1. 1. A 1.00m aqueos solution of compound X had a boiling point of 101.04 Celsius. Which one of the following could be compound X? The boiling point elevation constant for water is 0.52

    A) CH3CH2OH
    B) KCL
    C) C6H12O6
    D) NA3PO4


    1: identify the change in bp temperature. in this case, it's 101.04-100 = 1.04 degrees C.
    2. divide this change by your bp elevation constant. 1.04/0.52 = 2

    so now I think that means that two different molecules were added. My guess is it was KCl (potassium chloride). but of course, I'm not entirely sure =/

    Can someone help me out?

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  3. Borek

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    Looks OK to me.
  4. Thanks Borek!
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