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Homework Help: Relevant Velocity Problem

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    Earthquakes produce several types of shock waves. The most well-known are the P-waves and the S-waves. In the earth’s crust, the P-waves travel around 6.9 km/s while the S-waves move at about 4.8 km/s. The time delay between the arrival of these two waves at a seismic recording station tells geologists how far away the earthquake occurred. If the time delay is 15 s, how far away from the seismic station did the earthquake occur?

    Give your answer in kilometers to the first decimal place.

    Correct Answer

    I got the correct answer but I dont know how to get it... can someone explain pleaaze? :bugeye:
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    You got the answer but you don't know how you got the answer? Please explain that! Then you might get some help. :)
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    I got it because its an online quiz that tells you the answer after you finish..

    but anyway, i am done with it... i solved it myself, thanks anyway
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