Remember Fred Thompson: A Maverick in Politics and Entertainment?

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In summary, Fred Thompson, a former Republican U.S. senator from Tennessee, passed away at the age of 73 after battling recurring lymphoma. Known for his folksy demeanor and acting career, Thompson left politics in 2002 but returned in 2007 to seek the Republican presidential nomination. He was remembered for his strong stance on issues such as the Ruby Ridge ATF investigation and for putting an end to the practice of polling candidates with a show of hands in debates.
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Former Sen. Fred Thompson, had TV and film roles, dead at 73

Fred Thompson, a folksy former Republican U.S. senator from Tennessee who appeared in feature films and television including a role on "Law & Order," died Sunday losing a battle to recurring of lymphoma.

"I simply do not have the heart for another six-year term," Thompson said in a written statement at the time. "Serving in the Senate has been a tremendous honor, but I feel that I have other priorities that I need to attend to."

However, he returned to politics in 2007 by announcing that he would seek the Republican presidential nomination.

Peace be upon him.
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Great actor too. I liked his performance in The Hunt for Red October.
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Two memorable episodes in Thompson's poltical tenure endeared me to him.

First was the Ruby Ridge ATF investigation in his Senate committee, where government agents accidentally shot and killed the wife and child of an illegal gun suspect in Idaho. The ATF spent much effort justifying their particular tactics on the day, when Thompson finally loudly reminded the ATF that it was not supposed to be involved at all in such a case, that theyre mandate was the like of larger illegal gun smugling operations and not, as Thompson said, some single guy "under a shade tree" with a hacksaw, which was the purview of the local sheriff.

Second was Thompson's performance in the 2008 GOP primary debates. Media personalities in debates had taken up the ridiculous habit of polling the candidates on issues by show of hands which for some reason candidates had gone along with. In response to such a query on stage, Thompson replied "I'm not doing any hand shows". Pressed by the moderator, he requested a minute to explain his position, was refused, and stated that then he would do no show of hands. The incident immediately ended the practice, to the applause of many other candidates and the audience, thanks entirely to his lone action.
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1. Who was Sen. Fred Thompson?

Sen. Fred Thompson was a former United States Senator, actor, and lawyer. He represented Tennessee in the Senate from 1994 to 2003 and is best known for his role as Arthur Branch on the television series "Law & Order."

2. How did Sen. Fred Thompson pass away?

Sen. Fred Thompson passed away on November 1, 2015, after a recurrence of lymphoma, a type of blood cancer. He was 73 years old.

3. What were Sen. Fred Thompson's major accomplishments?

During his time in the Senate, Sen. Fred Thompson was known for being a conservative Republican and a skilled communicator. He also played a key role in the Watergate scandal as a lawyer for the Senate Watergate Committee, which led to the resignation of President Richard Nixon.

4. How did Sen. Fred Thompson's passing impact the political world?

Sen. Fred Thompson's passing was mourned by politicians and colleagues from both sides of the aisle. He was remembered for his integrity and dedication to public service. His death also sparked discussions about his impact on politics and the media.

5. What is Sen. Fred Thompson's legacy?

Sen. Fred Thompson's legacy includes his career as a successful actor, his tenure in the Senate, and his influence on politics and the media. He will be remembered for his charisma, intelligence, and commitment to serving his country.

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