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Remember the usual gang of idiots ?

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    Remember the "usual gang of idiots"?

    I remember Mad magazine fondly from when I was a kid 45-50 years ago, especially their movie and TV parodies like "Star Blecch" and "201 Minutes of a Space Idiocy". Amazingly, some of the artists are still alive and kicking and still working for the magazine!

    The Mad, mad world of Al Jaffee (CNN)
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    Re: Remember the "usual gang of idiots"?

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    Re: Remember the "usual gang of idiots"?

    What!? Me Worry?

    BTW, I always loved their song parodies. One time I was on the phone with the guy who was designing and building my custom tube guitar amp, and started singing "In Flight, In Flight..." and he cracked up and supplied lyrics that I had glossed over. (The sirloins are so tasty and rare!....)
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