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Removing the amydala of snoring children!?

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    I think this is a case of an inebriated translator.. Or someone whose attention is lacking due to a problem with snoring and who needs their amygdale removed..

    The book is Attention: Theory and Practice - by Addie Johnson and Robert W. Procter. I am reading it in Spanish translation, I don't have access to it in English. The exact sentence:

    Dado que el ronquido está frecuentemente causado por una apnea, la cual puede deberse a la presencia de amígdalas de gran tamaño, etirpar las amígdalas podría, en algunos casos, mejorar el cuadro de TDAH.

    My translation: Given that snoring is frequently caused by an apnea, which can be due to the presence of large amygdalae, removing the amygdale could, in some cases, improve ADHD.

    Am I right in thinking this is completely wrong?
    There is no citation, but I found this study:

    And the following sentence:

    The estimated source generator in response to the frequent stimuli for control children was in the limbic lobe (estimated in the uncus of the amygdala).
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    Ah ha ha ha! Guess what happened! The Spanish word for Tonsils is Amigdala (Pronounced like the English Amygdala) ! The Spanish for Amygdala is Cuerpo amigdalino or amígdala cerebral ("brain tonsil")

    Sorry for wasting your time. But maybe sometime in your future a Spanish friend or patient will say they have amígdala troubles and you'll know not to recommend anti-depressants or counselling.
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