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Reply to post doesn't quote the post

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    Stephen Tashi

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    This morning, when I reply to a post (with the "+Quote" showing under the post), the post isn't reliably quoted in the message editor window. I'm using Firefox 35.0.

    This might be a symptom of the more general problem of "slow response time". In trying to create this thread, that function has failed to produce a result several times.
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    I assume you're clicking the [INSERT QUOTES...] button in the lower left of the editor?

    I too find the quote feature often misfires.
    It'll give me the dialogue that lets me review and delete quotes to be added, but when I click insert, nothing gets inserted.

    I use Chrome.

    I have found a workaround though. I put a carriage return in the editor window before inserting the quotes. I wonder of perhaps it is simply a matter of cursor-focus. If the editor window is not in-focus when you insert quotes, maybe it won't insert anything. Haven't tried that yet.
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    Workaround: you can use the "Reply" button - I don't see any advantage of the "+Quote" feature unless you want to quote posts from multiple pages (but even then, a simple copy&paste does the same job).
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    Stephen Tashi

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    It's the reply button that wasn't working. I mentioned "+Quote" only to indicate that "-Quote" wasn't showing when I clicked "reply".
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    Might be another symptom of our testing out a new web server. We ran into problems again and had to roll back to the previous version.
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    I've noticed this as well from time to time, that when you Reply to a post, occasionally there will be nothing in the text window. I think "slow response time" might be what's happening. I don't believe this is due to a different version of the web server, as I think I saw this problem after the problems of about a week ago, and after the rollback to a functioning version of the web server.
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    I've ran into this problem several times over the last few months, just not often enough to bring it up to you.
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    As far I remember, this option has been disabled for FF 35.0, but is expected to be available again for FF 37.0, as FF 36.0 is to be launched May 15th, which is too soon to make any changes, I”m afraid. As such, patience is a virtue, as great minds once said. :D
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