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News Rice Shortage Felt Around The World

  1. Apr 28, 2008 #1
    I noticed this at Sam's club yesterday.


    Yet apparently the U.S. paid farmers not to grow rice last year.


    I guess now the issue is whether we did not see this coming or we did not see the speculation coming.

    The whole rice issue comes along with a rapid rise in food prices in general:confused:
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    It's great news, we pay $200M to farmers not to grow rice, creating a shortage - which boosts prices which makes farmers an extra $200M - thus saving tax payers from paying them even more.
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    I wouldn't have thought about it like that. I know I heard about it yesterday when I was listening to the news at work. I also loved how they mentioned there was a rice shortage, but afterward mentioned that it was a shortage in Asian nations, not here in the U.S. However, people aren't going to focus on that, they will focus on the fact there is a shortage, nothing else.
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    There is no rice shortage anywhere.
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    Where do these rumors start? Maybe someone overheard another in a mens bathroom at some bar in Shanghai and bingo! Mass hysteria and panic about a shortage that doesn't exist!
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    Where do you get your information from? Are you at every rice farm and market around the world simultaneously? If not I'd like to at least see some sources. Most of these issues are real and should never be taken in light of.
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    The local Asian restraunt where I had lunch today. They didn't skimp on the rice.
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    But we did see this coming.

    One of the triggers for this was the diversion of food production to biofuel production. The
    Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007 mandates an increase of almost an order of magnitude in the use of biofuels. During debate, this exact point was brought up, and it was pooh-poohed as the propaganda of Big Oil.

    Just because a Republican says it doesn't make it wrong.
  10. May 11, 2008 #9

    It isn't the farmers making the money, though. Have you noticed the price of diesel is well over $4.00 a gallon in some areas? The farmers are having to raise prices just to keep up with the high demand and high fuel costs to farm the food. In addition to that, more farm space is being allocated by the industry to accomodate the increasing use of biofuels. That will equal lower supply of rice, and that should equal higher prices, not rationing.

    I think it's high time the government stop sticking their noses into every industry and let the free market do its job. It would also help Americans a lot more if the politicians would quit using our hard earned money they politely borrow every year and spending it on third world countries. Almost every problem Americans are facing now are either directly or indirectly involved with our interventionist foreign policy.
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