Rigorous treatments of double-slit , quantum eraser, etc.

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From a recent double-slit thread:

ZapperZ said:
Check the "[URL [Broken]
Marcella paper[/URL] that I've cited numerous times to see how
you derive single, double, and multiple slits pattern using QM
without invoking classical wave optics.

In fact, one can even extend this approach into 2D as well without invoking
classical optics. See Frank Rioux treatment of
http://www.users.csbsju.edu/~frioux/diffraction/ej33n1.pdf" [Broken].
Thank you for mentioning those papers! (Probably, I didn't notice the earlier
mentions because I hardly ever read the endless "double-slit" threads. :-)

The Fourier transform method occurred to me a while back as possibly
a better way of deriving this stuff (less handwaving and less reliance
on interpretations), but I never found time to work it out fully. It's
good that Marcella has done this.

BTW, are there any treatments of the quantum eraser that extend
such techniques to that setup?

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@strangerep did you find any more insight on this topic?
I don't think it's needed. You might as well this thread, since Zz already mentioned the Marcella and Rioux papers elsewhere.

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