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RIP James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore

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    I just saw this on my personal Twitter feed, as well as the following BBC article. I greatly enjoyed Roger Moore both in old episodes of The Saint, as well as his turn as 007.

    My condolences to his friends & family.

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    Before my time but RIP!
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    I should clarify that I am 41 as of the present moment, so the TV series The Saint was before my time too, but I've watched old re-runs years ago when I was younger (similar to Star Trek TOS).
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    He's the first Bond I knew.
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    Definitely a great one. Sorry to see you go Sir Roger Moore... :oldfrown:
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    Besides "The Saint" and "James Bond" I also enjoyed him in the TV series "The Persuaders" together with Tony Curtis, back when I was in elementary school. He was an excellent actor and a great person. RIP Sir Roger Moore.
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    RIP Roger, a true gentleman

    you youngin's :wink:

    wow OK :smile:

    I didn't see George Lazenby in the first bond movie at the theatre (1969) only in later years when replayed on TV
    But I did see all the Sean Connery then Roger Moore and those that followed, on the big screen

    A remarkable, very successful and enjoyable movie franchise

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