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BOND (Building Object Network Databases) started development in late 2000 as a rapid application development tool for the GNOME Desktop by Treshna Enterprises. Its aim was to fill a gap that traditional Microsoft Windows applications like Borland Delphi, Microsoft Access and Visual Basic filled on the Windows desktop, but targeted for the Linux environment. Its goal was to allow developers to quickly build database forms in XML for backend SQL databases. It has been employed extensively by Treshna Enterprises to develop applications such as PayMaster (an opensource payroll application) and GymMaster (a commercial gym management application).

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  1. adf89812

    Why isn't bond dissociation energy/bond enthaply measured in Newtons?

    I understand every bond chemically has a length and energy to break, and energy is Newton*meters. Is the Bond enthaply/Bond disassociation energy equivalent to the force needed to break the bond * the bond length? Why don't we say, to break the bond from O to H we need to put magnets on left of...
  2. WMDhamnekar

    Chemistry Valence Bond Theory: Energy of a system with H and Cl atoms

    Answer: The energy of a system with H and Cl atoms at varying distances can be represented by a curve that shows the potential energy of the system as a function of the distance between the two atoms. At very large distances, the potential energy is zero because there is no interaction between...
  3. G

    What Is the Maximum Wavelength to Break the Weakest Bond in AsClF42-?

    Mentor's Note: Post moved to homework forum from chemistry forum. Hello, I have a doubt in anexercise from MIT: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Calculate the maximum wavelength, λ, of...
  4. G

    Understanding Bond Energies: X-Y Bond Energy Contribution

    Hello. Could someone please help me with this question about bond energy from an MIT course: "For two bonded atoms X and Y, a small X and large Y will result in a bond energy (E A-B) with a large __________ contribution." Thanks a lot if someone can help.
  5. J

    Why does C-C have a higher bond energy than B-N in hBN and graphene?

    Hi everyone, this is my first post in the chemistry section. I am doing a project for my engineering class on "cutting edge" materials and the one I chose is hexagonal boron nitride (specifically in the form of nanotubes). In comparing hBN to graphene, I need to explain to the class why graphene...
  6. adamaero

    B What's the equation for an I Bond? (compounded semi-annually)

    I Bonds are compounded semi-annually. What's the equation for an I Bond? https://www.wallstreetmojo.com/series-i-bond/ Overall Rate = [Fixed interest rate + (2 x bi-annual inflation rate) + (Fixed interest rate x bi-annual inflation rate)] Say the first 6 months is 9%, the next six months is 6%...
  7. P

    Polar Covalent Bond in HCl question

    If my understanding is correct, the polar covalent bond in HCl creates a polar molecule because the molecule is unsymmetrical. 1. Does this mean that the partially positive H of one HCl molecule will be attracted to the partially negative Cl of another HCl molecule and vice versa, to create a...
  8. P

    Breaking an Ionic Bond-Atom Charge & Electron Config

    When breaking an ionic bond in order to form a new compound, do the atoms retain their charge (new electron configuration) or revert back to their original form before creating a new bond with a new partner? Are all ions in a bond of some type or can they exist freely on their own?
  9. A

    Chemistry C-H bond enthelpy of halogenated hydrocarbons

    In this case, the C-H bond enthalpy increases following this order: CH3I (greatest C-H bond enthalpy)> CH3F > CH3BR >CH3CL (lowest C-H bond enthalpy)
  10. P

    Chemistry Need Help with Bond Length Calculations of Acetylene

    Hey! I am trying to determine the bond length of acetylene by analysing the vibrational spectrum of both H-Acetylene and D-Acetylene. I was able to calculate both the rotational constant and the moment of inertia but am stuck now as to how I get to the correct solution. On the left is the...
  11. F

    Is the O2 bond hybridized or not? "Experts" give conflicting answers....

    Hi, while trying to teach myself about molecular orbitals I came across seemingly conflicting explanations of O2 bond. In some explanations https://antoine.frostburg.edu/chem/senese/101/bonds/faq/explaining-o2-with-vb.shtml the bond is clearly shown as sp2 hybridized with a sigma bond between...
  12. WMDhamnekar

    MHB Computation of bond angles and other angles in tetrahedral

    Hello, I didn't understand the geometry of molecules in which central atom has no lone pairs of electrons. for example, in $CH_4, NH_4^+$ molecular shape is tetrahedral and bond angle is $109.5^\circ$. How is that bond angle computed? $CH_4$ stands for liquid methane and $NH_4^+$ is a...
  13. Frigus

    How can I understand valence bond theory and VSEPR theory?

    I think these theory is made to match the experimental results because I watched videos from Khan academy, jg e.t.c all of them teaching in video is that how do we calculate hybridisation, sigma bonds, π bonds e.t.c and to me these these sources are best because most of the times they gives...
  14. N

    Chemistry Calculating delta H of reaction using bond energies?

    Hi, I have been stuck for hours, i do not understand how i am supposed to use bond energy values for this question like it asks when bond energy values are for molecules in the gas state. The first molecule reactant is a liquid and the second reactant has resonance. I have 0 idea how to approach...
  15. H

    Question about the bond MO's for diatomic early 2nd period elements

    So this question is about the bond molecular orbital diagrams for elements in the 2nd period, before O. When the diatomic bond forms, the two pi 2p* orbitals are shown lower in energy than the sigma 2p*, uptil we get to O2. I want to understand why this is? From what I know, a sigma bond...
  16. marielescobal

    Calculation of bond length using Raman spectra

    Hi, I really need your help. Suppose I have a Raman spectra of a hydroxyapatite, how do I calculate the bond length from the spectra? I've been trying to understand the concept of Badger's rule but I really cannot understand. Please help.
  17. r12214001

    Bond energy of a Pi bond and a sigma bond

    It is well known that sigma bond is stronger than Pi bond. However in bond energy table that C=O is 745 KJ and C-O is 358 KJ. we can calculate the Pi bond energy is 745-358=387! The Pi bond(387KJ) is stronger than sigma bond(358KJ) ? How could this happen?
  18. Navin

    Chemistry Compare the Bond lengths of IO2F2 and IOF3

    Okay So our Chemistry Professor gave us the answer as the following IO2F2 has a larger bond length than IOF3 The reason being is once you draw the structures of the compounds IO2F2 has more number of double bonds that the later hence it shall have more p charecter than IOF3...hence it will...
  19. jaumzaum

    If a bond breaking absorbs energy, why does ATP hydrolysis release it?

    Hi. We know that bond formation releases energy and bond break absorbs energy. I still don't figure out why ATP hydrolysis (that breaks a bond between oxygen and phosphorous) releases energy, and it releases a LOT.
  20. C

    What is the bond order of (Fe2) and (Fe2)+ ?

    From almost writing the complete Molecular orbital electron configuration for ## Fe_2 ## and ## (Fe_2)^+ ## ( I said ' almost ' because I don't know how to write the electronic configuration for the d-bonds ) then I think the bond order for ## Fe_2 ## is 0 and the bond order for ## (Fe_2)^+...
  21. G

    A The Standard Model's application to competing Covalent Bond theories?

    In the quantum mechanics of covalent bonding, there are two competing theories: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Covalent_bond#Comparison_of_VB_and_MO_theories Both are complementary, but they don't overlap fully, they still leave some gaps.What I want to ask is, can all the literature of the...
  22. A

    I Energy needed for an Ionic Bond

    Hi, so I've been learning about the energy transfers for an ionic bond, but my understanding breaks down at what seems to be the last hurdle. I will write what I know so far. So we need some energy that is listed as the ionisation energy to remove electrons from one atom then we need to put the...
  23. W

    Special Bond between Dogs and Humans?

    Hi All, In a recent discussion ananimal rights activist claimed something to the effect that there is a special bond between humans and dogs, and that this is supported by science. I think she alleged there is fMri data to thus effect. I , not being an expert assumed dogs' behavior was the...
  24. R

    Best way to bond laser diode materials together

    chemical vapor deposition, Molecular beam epitaxy or magnetron sputtering What is the best way to bond GaAs to the intrinsic layer of a laser diode? I am planning on building a refactory oven on a concrete pad this summer once I clear of one side of my yard. There is just no way around it...
  25. H

    Transition energy estimation based on bond length

    I come across this question in a textbook. Somehow my result is way off from the solution answer. I used the energy formula for particle in a box with n(Initial) = 22 and n(End) = 23, the calculated box length is 732 pm. I arrived at an answer of 39.3 nm. The answer from the answer book is but...
  26. M

    No covalent bond formation due to repulsion

    Hi, I want to ask , is there any example in chemistry when during covalent bond formation the repulsive forces dominate and no bond is formed. Thanks
  27. S

    Equal electronegativities and covalent bond formation

    Homework Statement True or false: When two atoms are equally electronegative, they will interact to form polar covalent bonds. Homework Equations Atoms with similar or equal electronegativities share electrons between them and are connected by covalent bonds. Atoms with large differences in...
  28. harambe

    Calculating S-F Bond Energy in SF6 using Standard Heat of Formation Values

    Homework Statement Estimate the average S-F bond energy in SF6 The standard heat of formation values of SF6(g) , S(g) and F)(g) are: -1100, 275 and 80 kj / mol respectively. Homework Equations ∆H=∆Hf (products) -∆Hf(Reactants) S(g) +6F)(g) ------>SF6(g) The Attempt at a Solution I...
  29. H

    Why does NH3 turn into NH4+? Also question about bond EN.

    Hi guys. So I know that atoms bond to obtain stability / full octet. But my question is that NH3 is already stable and each N and H has a full octet. So why does ammonium form? I know that an H+ is attached so no e- are added, but why is there a need for this change? Same question for PH3 ->...
  30. Krushnaraj Pandya

    Acidity and the bond energy paradox in ethane, ethene, ethyne

    Homework Statement Compare bond energy of ethane/ene/yne 2. The attempt at a solution Comparing their acidity, ethyne has sp hybridized C so more polar CH bond, therefore H+ can be released easily. Therefore acidity order is ethyne>ethene>ethane which means CH bond is weakest in ethyne and so...
  31. Krushnaraj Pandya

    Order of bond energy in furan, pyrolle and thiophene

    Homework Statement A bromo-methyl group is attached adjacent to the N,O and S atoms respectively in furan, pyrolle and thiophene, find correct order of bond energy required for heterolytic cleavage of CBr bond forming carbocation 2. The attempt at a solution Lone pairs participate in resonance...
  32. HCverma

    In coordinate bond, why doesn't the H^+ atom get a negative charge?

    In a coordinate bond, why H^+ atom don't get the negative charge? as an example [NH4]^+ If we split [NH4]^+, we get NH3 + H^+. In NH3, N and 3H atoms have completed their octet and H^+ accepts the lone pair of electrons from the N, As we know H^+ has no any electrons but a proton. If it receives...
  33. D

    What is Hydrogen Bond Auto-correlation function?

    Can somebody explain the Hydrogen bond Auto-correlation function in Computational Chemistry (Molecular Dynamics and Simulations) and what does Intermittent and Continuous Hydrogen bond means? Why the graph decays over time? and it's applications?
  34. Muthumanimaran

    Bond Strength and Force constant

    Homework Statement Homework EquationsThe Attempt at a Solution (a) Total energy is $$E=\frac{-e^2}{4\pi\epsilon_{0}R}-\frac{B}{R^{5/6}}$$ Taking derivative of E with respect to R and equating it to zero when R=R0 yields, i.e, $$\frac{dE}{dR}{\bigg|}_{R=R_0}=0$$ when R=R0 yields...
  35. AlvisPrabhu

    Trouble understanding bond shifting

    Hello there , I am unable to understand the presence of lone pair and also the bond shifting . It would be a great help if anybody could help me understand this.
  36. N

    Catabolism exergonic yet breaking a bond is endothermic?

    Hi - really basic question here, but I was wondering. In biology it's said that catabolic reactions which break something down release energy, making such exergonic. In chemistry it is said that breaking bonds is endo-thermic. This seems counter-intuitive to me? But, I realize it's because the...
  37. MrGenetic

    Does this bond formation release energy?

    If -Nh2 terminal become Nh3+, is this bond formation release energy in terms of entalpy decreasing way?
  38. I

    Bond between the heme cofactor and the hemoglobin

    I understand that hemes bind oxygen through ionic bonds, but what is the bond between the heme and the rest of the hemoglobin molecule? Ionic, covalent or something in between?
  39. L

    Question about Calculating Bond Energies

    Homework Statement Part of a chemical equation, but i had to calculate the bond energies in C2H6, Homework Equations im given that C-H bonds are 414 kj/mol[/B]The Attempt at a Solution and that i know there are 6 of these based on the lewis structure, but how come i don't have to include C-C...
  40. I

    Why is there a negative charge on the oxygen atom with the single bond?

    My question is that why is the negative charge on the oxygen atom with the single bond, why not on the oxygen atom with the double bond? I am confused. Source: https://chem-net.blogspot.in/2012/01/simple-procedure-for-writing-lewis.html
  41. I

    Is B2 a compound with no sigma bond but only a pi bond?

    Could suggest a compound with no sigma bond only with the pi bond?
  42. shihab-kol

    Sigma and Pi Bonds: Questions for Novices

    I am a novice and new to bonding and there are a few clarifications I need. 1) Does a single covalent bond always mean a sigma bond? 2) Does a double covalent bond always mean 1 sigma and 1 pi? 3) And does a triple covalent bond always mean 1 sigma and 2 pi bonds?
  43. V

    Why does boron banana bond here?

    BH4- + H^+ - > H2 + H2B6 Isn't hydride just a H -, simply putting that with an H+ should give a stable BH3 + H2. Why's the banana bonding happening? Also in NaBH4 + I2 - > B2H6 + 2NaI + H2, can i imagine a oxidation like 2BH4- -> BH3 + H2 + 2e? So I can break I2 as 2I -?
  44. T

    Does changing the spin of a particle in reaction change bond

    I'm looking into chemical battery that use the molecular tension in chemicals like white phosphorus to store heat energy.But finding a way to slow and defuse the heat and flammability of phosphorus with tungsten and sliver is easy. But rebuilding the molecular tension is harder.
  45. E

    Is this example of Bond Energy correct?

    Homework Statement [/B] (see attachments for example 2.9) Homework Equations [/B] The Attempt at a Solution As far as I have read and understood, most polymerizations (such as the one in this example) are exothermic. If this is the case, shouldn't this produce a negative (-) reaction...
  46. donaldparida

    How do I correctly move pi electrons towards a pi bond in resonance structures?

    In my chemistry study material a set of rules to draw resonance structures are given. They are: (1) Only electrons move. The nuclei of the atoms never move. (2) The only electrons that can move are pi electrons (electrons in pi bonds) and lone-pair electrons. (3) The total number of electrons...
  47. Ivan Bevanda E

    Will two isolated atoms form a bond by themselves?

    For example: If I isolated (in a perfect vacuum), one Magnesium atom and one Oxygen atom, and they are close to each other, will they make a bond by themselves, with no outside energy? Does this work with any combinable pair of atoms, and what other pairs of atoms would make a bond by...
  48. baldbrain

    Bond lengths in Cycloocta - 1,3,6 - triene

    Homework Statement Which is the correct statement about the given compound? (a) Bond length between C2 and C3 = Bond length between C5 and C6 (b) Bond length between C1 and C2 = Bond length between C6 and C7 (c) Bond length between C6 and C7 < Bond length between C3 and C4 (d) Bond length...
  49. S

    News RIP James Bond actor Sir Roger Moore

    I just saw this on my personal Twitter feed, as well as the following BBC article. I greatly enjoyed Roger Moore both in old episodes of The Saint, as well as his turn as 007. My condolences to his friends & family. http://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-40018422
  50. physea

    Can Pressure Break a Substance's Bonds?

    Hello! Is it possible to pressurize a substance and break its bonds? Thanks!