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Safest decisions when it is for the whole family?

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    Whenever, my family needs to make a big decision, I always goes with the one that is the most safest. However, they hardly every listen to me and I guess more than 70% (it is very high because they agree that I am very smart in decision making) of time, they repent for not listening to me :smile:

    I think when you make decisions that can impact other people along with yourself, you should go with something that is least dangerous even if it is less productive.
    However, I also make dangerous decisions but whenever I do, I try to constrain the negative consequences only to me.

    Do you also go with safest decisions when it is for the whole family?
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    Re: Decisions

    When others are involved, yes. When it's just me, I don't mind putting all my eggs in one basket.
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    Re: Decisions

    WHILE MAKING a decision I ALWAYS USED TO DIsCUSS with any of my trustful friend or my well wisher...
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    Re: Decisions

    If 70% of the time they're regretting their choice (i.e., think they should have gone with your suggestion they ignored), how are you reasoning that they've gone with the safest choice?

    If my decision affects others, I don't necessarily take the safest choice, especially if there's no pay off to that choice, but I do like to reach group consensus that they're all willing to take the risk. Sometimes it's easier to take risks with a group than when it's all on your own.
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    Re: Decisions

    three lifelines (50:50, Ask the Audience, and Phone a Friend)
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    Re: Decisions

    Sometimes the chance to opportunity is better than security. People who live in security simply don't live.

    You have to weight the risks and benefits of the opportunity with those of security. (Trust me, the security option doesn't always win.)
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