Safety- poly resin , MEKp my boss might be a butthead

  1. On a side note, does anyone think it is crummy that I had to pour and mix polyester resin, MEKP , (fume hood available), while my boss took solvents and chemicals out of the fume hood for weighing etc? I was not provided a respirator, even though all the MSDS s and most forums indicate it is usual... :(
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  3. Actually the MSDS says:
    It also states that by inhalation it is moderately toxic, but a severe skin and eye irritant.

    Since you had a fume hood the level of airborne concentration should have been acceptable.

    From the MSDS, a greater worry would have been about a lack of both goggles for eye protection and protective clothing and gloves for skin protection, but since you did not mention that it seems not to have worried you or the items were available.

    Not saying you are incorrect in feeling apprehensive. Perhaps discuss with your boss about aquiring resperators to be available, since when handling toxic material always expect the unexpected.
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