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Save a thread for future reference

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    Hi all,
    I have found many useful threads on my topics of interest with discussions, answers from many people that are spanning for few pages. Now I am wondering how can I save a particular thread in a neat format, so that I can store it as a future reference.
    As of now I have just copy all the contents each page and save it in another word processor, which is cumbersome and the output file is not so good. Even if I use "Show Printable Version" in Thread Tools and save it I am getting only one page of a thread at a time.
    I request if there is an easy way (could be made if not currently available) to store the entire thread with all its contents in a professional neat way (just like Print toolbox in Wikipedia) in a nice format such as PDF.
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    You could just bookmark the thread page.

    If the thread is only a single page thread, you can save it as a single pdf using say, the Print option in Firefox (or using the Thread tools feature you described). Can't think of an easy way to do the same thing on a multi-page thread (and vB does not seem to allow for more than 20 posts per page).
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