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Scenarios for end of the universe

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    Hello everyone! not sure if this is the correct place to post this, but I want to write a paper on possible ways that life could end, or that the universe could end. I want to use good, scientific sources free from sensationalism or media whoring. Can anyone point me to some sources where I can research this stuff? thanks! :)
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    Question is a bit broad, but one starting point might be a really engrossing book: _The Five Ages of the Universe_ by Professor Fred Adams and Professor Gregory P. Laughlin. It is published by Basic Books and does a pretty respectable job of exploring some of the likely fates of the universe for a general readership. while also explaining how they develop, what are their consequences, etc. A few illustrative and descriptive links:







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    Another starting point might be this Wikipedia page:

    You shouldn't use this as a primary source, though it includes sources that you might want to use if you think the information here is useful.
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    Thanks guys!
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