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Schrodinger Equation for a Bra Vector

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    The Schrodinger equation for the complex conjugate of a ket vector is:

    d/dt<sai(t)| = -(<sai(t)|H)/(i*hcross)

    How do you derive the above equation from the normal form of the schrodinger equation? I'm mostly confused by where the negative sign is coming from.

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    The bra function has the signs of all complex numbers swapped, so by swapping the sign on the complex number in your equation when it operates on the bra function it gives the same result as if you operated on the ket without swapping the sign.
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    I get it now. I was making a silly mistake. You need to conjugate everything including the i in the denominator. Thanks.
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    You sometimes also see the i moved to the numerator since -(i/i) is the same as -1 but cancels out the negative sign when 2 of the i's are multiplied.
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