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Schroedinger equation with angular momentum operators

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    Hi, I have just started looking at angular momentum in quantum mechanics and I am considering the question, ''Write down the Schrodinger-like equations for the orbital angular momentum operators L^2 and Lz. Would I be correct in thinking this would be;


    Thanks in advance
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    If I understand your question, you are close. Take a look at the units of the first equation, the left and right sides don't match.
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    Those are Eigenvalue equations, and are true if your wavefunction are eigenfunctions of the respective operators with those eigenvalues. They are not true for general wavefunctions.

    I also wouldn't call them Schroedinger-like, since they do not tell you the time evolution of the wave-function. I don't really know what you are looking for though.
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    The question itself has been lifted straight from a text and thats what is causing me some issues as I don't fully undertsand exactly what it is looking for.I believe it is just the general waveform I am looking for in this instance.


    Ok, so now I have


    but I ma still unsure as to how this equation would look using Lz as the operator.
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