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    Well, I am one of the members of MyMathForum (my name there is johnny). I always like mathematics, and I am going into the Navy in February of 2010 for the Nuclear Power Program, which is based on nuclear physics. I always want to become a good physicist, and after the Navy, I want to go to NASA in Houston for becoming a scientist, that's my dream. I hope I can contribute a lot to this forum, and post more often. My other talents include music and art. Now, I always liked classical music, especially Ludwig van Beethoven. When I listened to his Moonlight sonata, it just blew my mind. And for art, I always liked Picasso, he has a very good taste of art.

    Anyways, nice to meet you guys!


    Oh and btw, my last name is Hooper, and most people who knows me in face-to-face calls me Hooper, so if you want, call me Hooper, or Hoop. hahaha it's cool
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    Welcome Hooper ! Do you like Schubert ? How about trout ?
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    *beep* *beep* *beep*


    I've got to back this delivery truck into this thread!

    Now. Who ordered the truckload of fish?

    Funny thing- Last time I delivered here, people just started throwing fish at this new guy. I'll tell ya! The people you meet on this job...

    Also, Welcome Hooper!
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    Thank you, humanino!

    To be quite honest, I have hardly listened to Schubert's music, but I will try to haha I listen to a lot of Beethoven's symphonies lately. I will try to listen to Schubert in the future. I have also listened to other musical genres, like classic rock and blues. Stevie Ray Vaughan is my favorite guitarist, he has one of the most interesting guitar noise. Eric Clapton is also one of my favorite guitarists. Do you listen to those guys?
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    E = mc^2, not mc^0. :biggrin:
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    Yo sup, G01!

    I think humanino meant Trout as a musical piece written by Schubert. But haha it seems like this forum will be a interesting place. Although I don't eat fish very much, I would rather go to fishing, and once I catch them, I WOULD SCIENTIFICALLY KILL ALL THOSE FISHES. RATHER FUN THAN EATING THOSE SILLY BASSES. lol jk, but see, it's all cool.
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    lol I must be having a bad day! Thanks for pointing that out, buddy! I feel stupid now. :yuck:
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    Ah Hoop, believe me, there was a reason humanino didn't capitalize trout! :biggrin:

    (We have a strange welcome ritual here. Just go with it. And watch out for the frozen fish. They hurt when they're swung hard enough.)
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    I like Franck Zappa, the guy with the noisy guitar. But let's come back to fishing. You may pick your favorite in G01's truck. I'm sure the sisters won't be long.
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    Frank Zappa! That dude reminds me of the song called Smoke on the Water.

    Fishing! I would be very curious to find out what is in G01's truck. And "trout" is not capitalized, eh? lol haha we have some funny peoples in here! I like that!

    Umm I would like 1000 basses, 50 trouts, and 6000 burned fishes and 20 frozen fishes, since frozen fishes hurt, when they're swung hard enough, but burned fishes feel good if they're swung easy enough.
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    No prob. Welcome to the forums!
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    Hey...helloooo jhooper! You're going to love it here, I can tell. Wow that's a lot of fish...whew...think I'm going to need some help here.

    <lisab sends secret message to the other PF sisters>

    Oh and here, jhooper, take a couple ibuprofen :smile:. And and ice pack.
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    Someone is supposed to jump in and say that real physicists work in units with c = 1 and so E = m is correct for a massive particle at rest.
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    Hello, lisab. I will love it here hehe and yes it is a lot of fish. And I will take the ice pack haha

    Civilized, I've never heard of that before (c = 1 thing). Interesting idea.
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