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In summary, the conversation discusses the use of Twitter as a source of science news and recommendations for science journalists to follow. One person suggests using alternative methods such as browsing science news websites, while another suggests following publications rather than individuals.
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So, I'm not on twitter but I just heard Sean Caroll say on his podcast that he's following science journalists on twitter and that he uses that to know when something interesting happens in science because these journalists will link to it. Do some of you do that also? I'd like to know who you think are some cool science journalists to follow on twitt0r.
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Like you, I'm not on Twitter, @quasar987, but are intermittent interruptions of 'something interesting' based on other people's assessment a service you would value?

My alternative is to routinely plug-in "science news" to my browser, and also regularly review sites like and Science Direct, to see what's going on. It is considerably less intrusive than Twitter in distraction and personal data, and you can hone the topic, so "ev news" for example to just get electric vehicle updates.

I guess it depends on whether you feel you are missing something now, and if you do, you can test Twitter and see whether it fills the gap.

In terms of who to follow, if you're already listening to science podcasts, you're likely able to compile an initial hit list from guests you find engaging, but it probably makes more sense to follow publications than people, at least at the start unless you already know your specific areas of interest and are comfortable ignoring others.

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