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Searching for quantum loop gravity groups

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    I'm searching for research groups of quantum loop gravity, Does anyone can help me to find at least one of them?.
    I want to do my PhD on that topic and I have found kind of hard to find those groups and I am looking for a good supervisor, any reference would be very very helpful.

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    Vanadium 50

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    How did you decide you wanted to do LQG? Presumably by reading papers on that. Who wrote those papers? Who did they cite? Where are they at?
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    Ok I know what you mean, I know that I want to study LQG because I have read a few articles, but at a informative level, nothing serious. I am just looking for someone with experience on the field so that she or he can give an advise, I had not thought about searching papers and looking for their authors, good idea, I will do that. But I would like to let this message open so that I can get more ideas like yours.

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    Check out the 'Beyond the Standard Model' forum here. Back when I used to read the stuff there it seemed like those guys knew what was going on in LQG so maybe it would be a good idea to search for some stuff there.
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    Thanks very much there is a lot of information there.

    I think that the person with whom are you going to work on your PhD is the one that matters, so I should not worry about the university or should I?? That is why I am searching for a good supervisor.
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