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Separate Section For Professionals

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    Is there a separate section on this website for those of us in the industry and/or with differing levels of proficiency? The Automotive section is infested with many pseudo scientists (who annoyingly believe themselves to be experts) with very little knowledge or willingness to learn. As of now, the section is dominated by unfounded theories with no basis in reality or the scientific method. Half of them are hoaxes that everybody in the respective industry is fed up with. I'd like to see some real science.
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    It's pretty much impossible to do upfront qualification/credentials checks on an anonymous Internet forum, so it's not clear how we would keep the unqualified unprofessionals out of a section intended for qualified professionals. However, hoaxes and crackpot theories not accepted by competent professionals are out-of-bounds here no matter which section they're posted in... So use that "report" button freely when you see something that doesn't belong.
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    I'd like to reiterate this part of Nugatory's post. Please use the report feature to report any posts which you believe to be problematic. There's no other way for us mentors to find these posts unless we stumble across them by accident.
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    I would expect that the best way to do that is to join a professional society and to use the forums run by that society and open only to members.
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    I'm not seeing this, so as mentioned already, use the Report link on the problematic posts, or send me a PM.
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