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Setting up a Physics revision site

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    Hi there,

    I am a Physics teacher hoping to set up an amazing Physics revision website, and wanted to canvase opinion on the domain name. Unfortunately physics.com does already exist - its not being used for anything and I can't contact the owner to ask about transfering it :frown: Would've been good though, eh?!

    The ones I've come up with that are available are:




    Any other suggestions, or opinions?


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    Revision or review? As far as I know, physics does not need revision. Those learning physics can discuss it here and review learning materials.

    And why not use PF?
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    Revision for public exams'.

    Although there is a lot of intelligent people on the forum, its not a very good place to learn.
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    Suggestions are always welcome on how we can improve this forum. If you think something isn't good here, then you can always bring it up.
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    Yep. Right. Sorry about that.

    What did you think about the domain name micromass?
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    Thank you JesseC.

    I hope to tailor my site to students aged between 12 and 18. The hyperphysics site is excellent, and my favourite for directing pupils to if they are looking for one. But the appearence, and workings of the site do not appeal to 'the younger generation'. Although the material there is spot on, its delivery is very formal, and more of a glossary.

    I was hoping to combine audio, video, opinion and news with good quality online lessons.

    This has come at the request of some of my students who have not found a site that they like (one of them said "I might choose Biology instead of Physics for A Level because Biology has much better stuff on the net!")
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    What on Earth led you to this conclusion?
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    It was a polite assumption - they might not be intelligent. Apologies.

    As for why its not a great place to learn: getting a straight-forward answer to a question you've posed is evocative of going into the sewers in search of the wedding ring you've dropped down the loo - you have to wade through a lot of other peoples waste to find what you asked for.
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    You are of course entitled to your own opinion but considering you haven't ever tried to ask a question on this site (other than the one you are asking now) your opinion is worth nothing.

    This site is an excellent resource for people who want to discuss and learn mainstream science. We get scores and scores of posts every day that attest to this and an entire homework forum stocked by capable homework helpers that for years has helped students with their problems. If you think you can do a better job, go ahead, but exactly what do you think you are going to do that we don't?
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    .... that was a bit much. Sorry.

    I'll say again - I love pf, but it's not what most students would look towards for help. It is quite plain in its appearence. It it not a website that can be feely explored.

    It most definitely should be a destination for those looking for specific advice, and those passionate about the subject. But for your average student, who wants to do their best in the exam it's not suitable.
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    I think he's talking about homework help. We don't spoonfeed the answers and perhaps he takes that to mean that we don't teach. If that's the case, then he's wrong, but if not, then what on earth does he mean?
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    I am a previous poster from days gone by, btw. I couldn't remember my login from uni days and no longer have the email account for reactivation.
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    My post was genuinely an honest request for opinions regarding a domain name for a site where school age students could learn more about physics.

    Any thoughts mate?
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    Well done for apologising.
    Whilst most students don't turn to us (a big part of that is probably not knowing about us) we are more than capable of helping with most problems. Personally I love the appearance, compared to other forums that are chocked full of different colours, images etc I think it looks professional and easy to use. The website itself can be freely expored, what do you think is hard to do?
    I disagree. Whilst we don't offer a tutoring service we do teach very well. If a student is trying to revise and is stuck on a problem PF is a great place to pose a question and have informed people lend a hand by explaining and discussing the topic. The homework and coursework section does an excellent job of helping students when they are struggling.

    Lastly I feel this needs to be said: The hundreds of thousands of members on this site are volunteers. The fact that they give up their time willingly to help others and I think that's wonderful and praiseworthy.
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    Hmmm...of the two proposed I like letsdophysics. It sounds like it would foster a nice collaborative community. Best of luck with it.
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    I find that in my old age I am being much ruder, and it always comes back to me not having been clear in the first place. So cheers for accepting it.

    In my experience a lot of students look for instant gratification in their learning. This is why they often head straight to Wikipedia which can cause problems (it's often not pitched at a level they understand, or not validated). PF will always yield better understanding, but it requires patience, and willingness to ask. Some might say (and others would agree) that if they're not willing to put much effort into their learning, then they don't deserve to do well, but that's not really a route for a teacher to go down...

    Finally, I strongly agree on the volunteers here. They are incredible in their patience and the time they give over, and how clearly they can explain tricky topics.
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    Ha ha :smile:

    If only you knew how close to the nail that strikes in todays education system. Sob!
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    I like letsdophysics. Have you checked out Khan Academy? It sounds like you're planning something similar, but with assignments - is that right?

    I agree with you about hyperphysics. Excellent source but aimed at an audience who is already somewhat sophisticated.
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