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Seventy-three-year-old college basketball player disqualified

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    Ivan Seeking

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    ...because he bombed in a Spanish class! Bummer!!!

    http://www.knoxnews.com/news/2009/feb/20/73-year-old-basketball-player-ruled-ineligible/ [Broken]
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    I saw him on the news a few nights ago, I was giving him the mental "You go dawg", so this news is disheartening. I hope he gets to play again soon.
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    This could only happen in the NJCAA. Or maybe the NAIA.

    In the NCAA, you only have 5 years to complete 4 years of competition from the time a player first enrolls in college. If a person hasn't attended college, they start losing 1 year of eligibility for each year over 21. Wasn't that an issue with a Florida St quarterback several years ago? (I think he only lost one year of eligibility, but he was in his mid-20s, making him worth less in the NFL draft)

    As a result, you never see 73-year-olds playing in the NCAA Tournament, much less playing for a championship team.

    Personally, I think the NCAA could be sued for age discrimination.

    Note: There is an exception for military service and I remember an article from years ago about a placekicker playing on the same team as his son.
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