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  1. There are some robots that the advantage of these robots is that they are very accuracy robot, more accuracy then the human, like robot that play billiard and every shut the robot put the ball in the target or robot that play baseball this robot have in his hand the baseball stick and every ball that the human player through to him the robot succeed to beat the ball with his baseball stick.
    I search after others robots that have very good accuracy, I also search after information about these robots like what is the mechanics mechanism that they use, also I am interesting in parallel mechanism, what control to use and how to reduce the mechanics vibration of mechanic mechanism, how they do the tracking with computer vision or if the project is for medicine so hoe to do the tracking by Imaging vision like in Fluoroscopy.
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  4. Hi Bobbywhy
    These links that you give me help me a lot and they are so interesting.
    If you know more links so I will glad to know about this.​
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    iii, Google Search is your friend. Learn to use Google to help you find the results that bring you satisfaction and make you happy. To get the information you want by using Google you may enter whole phrases as search terms.

    For example, I took these phrases from your first post and made three separate searches:

    1. “tracking by Imaging vision like in Fluoroscopy”
    2. “tracking with computer vision”
    3. “control to use and how to reduce the mechanics vibration of mechanic mechanism”

    Many interesting articles and pdf documents appeared for each of these searches.

    Good Luck!
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