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Should I focus more on my physics and math classes ?

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    Should I focus more on my physics and math "classes"?

    To get things straight, I'm not talking about learning the subjects (physics and math) I mean going through the motions such as calculating how much time to study for each subject so as to get x and y grades.

    Do physics graduate schools care about non-physics courses? How about math courses? Would my "study" time be better spent maximizing those grades rather than worrying about language requirements, general gpa, class rank, etc??

    Thanks for any help you can give. I'm sure these questions can get tiring, but I have to start thinking about graduate school options (I'm a sophomore right now).
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    Re: Should I focus more on my physics and math "classes"?

    Yes, especially math courses 'cause it's really important for physics. Basically, grad schools want to see that you worked hard in school and didn't slack off just 'cause it wasn't in your major, so you can't get D's in all your liberal arts courses and expect grad schools to love you, unless your research is really spectacular and the guy you work for is incredibly well known/respected in the field and writes you a spectacular rec and even then you're pushing it. Grad schools also look at overall gpa and some use that as their cut-off. As a trade off, yes your physics scores are more important. Go for the A in physics if it means a B in English, but take an A- in physics if that's the only way to get the B in English - basically, have sane priorities. And never scarifice other courses for an A+ unless it actually counts for your GPA.
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