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Should I go to Leipzig or should I have a language year

Hello everybody,

Like you, I love physics and would love to obtain at least a B.sc in Physics, but I am in a sort of a dilemma. Should I go to Leipzig, where they have an English taught bachelor or should I spend a year studying German in order to take a DSH exam and then attend a German bachelor in a more well known university with a strong Physics program. My financial situation isn't perfect, but it is manageable. And furthermore, would an IPSP Bachelor in Leipzig hamper or help my graduate degree prospects? If I want to go to Heidelberg to do a masters for example or do a Phd in the USA, whuch would suit me better: a degree from a university like the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology or should I stick with Leipzig?
Any help would be greatly appreciated!
For a masters in a German university, it is not important where in Germany you got your BSc - if your grades are good you get in.
For the US, it can matter.


Science Advisor
I second mfb. There are no "levels" of German universities. A degree taken at any of them will be regarded in exactly the same way.

By the way, I do not see even why you would count out Leipzig of all universities in any case. In the time the German universities were world famous, Leipzig was one of the top 5 (they had Heisenberg, Hertz, Debye, Bloch, Boltzmann, van der Waerden, and many of other people who laid the foundations of what physics and math is today. Look it up!).

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