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Should my shoes match my pants or shirt?

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    If I had a grey pair of sneakers so they generally can go with say khaki pants. So what colors can my shirt be?

    Gimme your fashion advice haha
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    With sneakers there is no set rule. It depends what look you are going for and I've seen a lot of different looks done well. Usually you want to match your shirt, but it's not that set. I've seen someone wearing dark shirt with dark pants and then some awesome white sneakers for contrast. Just do what you feel looks good and feels comfortable.

    With grey shoes you can wear just about any shirt color. I would shy away from tans or browns though.
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    Your shoes should match your belt, especially if you are wearing dress pants, slacks, or jeans with belt. Your shirt and pants are the ones that should be "color coordinated", but not matchy-matchy. If you have khaki pants, then wear either blue, or burgundy shirt for contrast.

    I'm not doing sneakers! :)

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    Just make sure your socks match! :biggrin:


    (Prof. Reinhold Bertlmann, of "Bertlmann's Socks" fame)

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    In all seriousness, I just make sure that the dominant neutral matches my belt/shoes.

    • If I'm wearing brown/earth tones, I wear brown shoes and belt.
    • If I'm wearing black/gray tones, I wear black shoes and belt.

    I don't think that's a rule or anything, but I feel safe with it.

    I've taken to only wearing blue-faced stainless watches because they work both ways. Nothing black or brown on my watches.
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    If my shoes matched my pants they would be blue with an imprinted [Y] on the upper.
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    Wear gumboots. Gumboots goes with everything.
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    Grey shoes goes with any shirt colour. So as long as my pants mat cf s my shoes I'm good to go?

    thanks haha
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    Colors can be coordinated?
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    It's not a rule, but I think it's a good rule of thumb.
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    http://imageshack.us/a/img90/6791/joq1.jpg [Broken]

    My colors. :biggrin:
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    Looking good haha :)

    What is your opinion on matching? I know that grey goes well with an Olive colored pants. But can I just wear like a blue T-shirt or do you think that looks stupid?
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    It's not the color itself that you should consider, it's the degree of the color that matters. To make it easy, navy blue, is not like royal blue, not like sky blue, etc. Moreover, you need to be cautious when you wear sharp colored clothes, you need to make sure not to damage people's visions. :biggrin:

    OK, I'm not really the one you need to listen to, just wear whatever makes you feel right and in harmony with your personality. :)
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