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Should you call in this situation? (Hold'em card game)

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    You are in late position with $400 at a 1/2 NL Hold'em cash game with pocket jacks. The player under the gun (a loose passive player) bets out $12. Two players fold, then a very tight (all in or nothing) player in middle position goes all in for $75. Two more players fold. You call his $75. The remaining players fold to the original better who goes all in for $175 total. Mathematically, should you call him as well or should you fold?
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    Re: Should you call in this situation?

    if you have a gambling problem, you should fold
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    probably call

    You need to risk $100 more to call. You already have put in $75. 100/75 is 1.33, less than two to one. As long as it's less than two to one and you have a big chip lead, you should call.
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    There's no reason how much you've put in should matter. All that matters is how much money is currently in the pot, how much each of you has on the table, and your beliefs about the other players' cards.
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