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Sig figs and qualitative v quantitative

  1. Sep 19, 2010 #1
    Hi, if an equation has parentheses attached, do you solve what is inside and then look at this sig figs to tell you the amount in the answer or not? For example, if I had (0.3991 - .02) / 100. would the answer have 1 significant figure (the .02).

    I also had a question with quantitative vs qualitative measurements. Would anything with a number attached be considered quantitative? Would quantitative be saying that for example, carbon makes up X% of the body would as well as maybe carbon's atomic mass is also quantitative? And a qualitative would be smell, color etc.?

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    Parentheses are not important here, what is more important is the fact that sigfig rules for addition and subtraction are a little bit different.

    Qualitative measurement?
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