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Signal to the end of the universe

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    Question: can a signal be made or manipulated that can reach the end of the universe (or beyond)?
    (Can also be described as a scientific prayer to god or maybe if mismanaged the tower of babel)
    I myself was thinking about a natural 10MeV+ (beyond Compton scattering if possible) gamma ray burst from the early universe that could reach the end of space/time. Or even better a manipulated beam from earth containing "all" information of our civilisation (history, music, art, science, DNA patters and so on). Like the plate in Voyager but not only reaching extraterrestrial intelligence a few stars away but also reaching across the universe to the end/beginning of time.
    In short can a manmade signal or beacon be made or a manipulated early universe gamma ray burst be controlled that contains our civilisation as described as above and that does not decay or decay significantly enough in our universe to "live" until the supposed never-ending end of that same universe?
    Side questions:
    Should that beam be a scattered beam (like cosmic background radiation) or a directional beam (like a supernova or a quasar or a gamma ray burst) and how much energy is needed for the beam to exist to the end of time (do we need to burn a sun or a galaxy to make the beam)?
    For the quantum physics: should that beam be directed to any place? Or time? Or can it be directed to any point or singularity or wave or string and then be amplified or echoed (mantra?) (Possibly reducing the amount of energy needed to reach the supposed never-ending end of the universe if we can shoot a signal to the core of a string or "zero point")?
    Question concerning the whole universe and the beam send from that universe: what happens to all the quantum information at the end of possibly never-ending time?
    Simple question (please answer this one): how much energy is needed to reach the end of the never-ending universe?
    How much energy is needed to reach the centre of a string or singularity or "zero point"? (No I cannot shoot arrows and halve the distance every single time at this point or can I?)
    Question: is there a sub universal "something" (I get bored of my 10MeV+ gamma ray particles) that could do the job?
    ps: I get stuck around the Compton decay of gamma ray particles above 10MeV if still around at the supposed end of the never-ending universe (some might even still exist while the new universe is born and so make some seeds in the early new universe).
    And on the same thought we might be able to get information if detected from before the big bang (if we can detect the seeds planted at the end of the "universe before our universe"); information that might even be from a civilisation like ours only a universe ago (and if it works this way I have the feeling that we do not have to watch for the first moment of the big bang for that, one glance at one single string or singularity or "zero point" should tell us if the "mantra beam" works or is already working.
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    The 'edge' of the universe [like the center] is everywhere. Reaching the 'edge' of the universe is like trying to sail off the 'edge' of earth.
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    Sorry, but that {deleted} post is just gibberish and this is not a place for idle speculation. Chronos answered the original question. Thread locked.
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