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  1. S

    B From radio signal to corresponding photons

    Let's assume the following sine signal sent by a low frequency (100 kHz) transmitter. I think with the information that the sending power is 1 watt and the starting phase is 0 the signal is fully described. Are the following assumptions correct?: 1. The frequency of all photons leaving the...
  2. M

    Engineering Reconstruct a signal by determining the N Fourier Coefficients

    %My code: %Type of signal: square T = 40; %Period of the signal [s] F=1/T; % fr D = 23; % length of signal(duration) dt=(D/T)*100; N = 50; %Number of coefficients w0 = 2*pi/T; %signal pulse t1= 0:0.002:T; % original signal sampling x1 = square((2*pi*F)*(t1),dt);%initial square signal...
  3. entropy1

    B Mixing two discrete audio signals

    Suppose I have two audiofiles in 16 bit PCM, both recorded on a level that, except for the noise and distortion, is maximally recorded, or that the maximum recording level results in the maximum PCM level. So, the signal is recorded on the maximum level such that there is no clipping. If we...
  4. N

    How to transmit a signal (530 - 550 Khz) to a point

    Hi everyone, I'm pretty new to electromagnetism and have no experiences in this topic. I have a signal generator (Digital Dual Channel Funktion Signal Generator) and want to generate two signals (530 and 550 Khz signal) and want to transmit these generated signals to the points on a table...
  5. Isa

    I Question about noise in entanglement experiments

    Hi everyone While learning about quantum mechanics, I became curious about the real-life experimental data. Wikipedia says that entanglement experiments require coincidence counters, because the majority of the signal received by detectors is noise. It further says, that coincidence counters...
  6. Markus Hoeg

    Offset Limits in RIGOL Oscilloscope

    Hello, I have a very specific problem and didn't find any way to solve it. My signal is very slow changing at 5V +-100mV When I want to display this signal on my RIGOL Oscilloscope, the problem is, that with AC-mode I don't see those slow changes and in DC-mode the offset range is limited to...
  7. MatthijsRog

    I Fitting a curve over noisy data

    Hi all, I performed a resonance experiment over the past two weeks, in which I collected the intensity of a Fabry-Perot cavity whilst adjusting the mirror distance with a piezo-element (the specific setup of the experiment is fairly detached from the question I will ask). My raw data is...
  8. A

    Mathematics behind Signal and Systems

    I am looking for a signal processing textbook that uses real, complex, and functional analysis with measure theory. In other words, mathematically rigorous signal processing. Specifically, I prefer the kind that takes time to review all the topics from mathematical analysis before jumping into...
  9. N

    Transmit/Receive analog signals

    I'm completely new to transmitting/receiving signals, but I wanted to get a scope of what kind of components are out there that I could use to build this system. I wanted to read the voltage drop across a resistance thermometer (Vt) and send this signal wirelessly to another circuit, where I...
  10. S

    Energy or Power Signal

    Homework Statement Determine whether u[n] - u[n-4] is a power or energy signal. Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution I am stuck here. I don't know how to simply further. Please help.
  11. A

    Antenna Specialty within EE

    I am contemplating about pursuing EE bachelor. My goal is to deal with antennas, signal processing, electronic communication, etc. But all the curricula that I have examined (USA), universities don't seem to offer any courses on antennas. Sig proc - yes, and so are circuit analysis present there...
  12. T

    Using two connected Yagi antennas to "bend" a mobile signal

    I have a typical problem. I have two bars mobile signal in my attic - none at ground floor level. The reason is a roadside pole transmitter less than 500m away installed down in a dip behind houses (duh!) An electrically powered signal booster is illegal in the UK which atracts a £5000 fine...
  13. maearnie

    Impulse Response

    Homework Statement I have an impulse response h(n)=e^(0.1n)*[u(n)-u(n-8)] and an input x(n)={0,1,2,3,0}, how do I find the output y(k)? [/B] Homework Equations The Attempt at a Solution i don't even know how to solve. should i try convolution or should i substitute the values of x(n) in...
  14. M

    I Electronic Noise General Questions - Laboratory Setting

    Hello all, I'm an undergraduate at a large research university in Massachusetts working in a lab where my group contributes to the Muon g-2 experiment at Fermilab in chicago. Essentially what I'm working on is optimizing an optical rotation (Faraday) magnetometer system for use in magnetic...
  15. P G Krish

    I Microwave oven is prevents mobile signal?

    Hi guys, If i put mobile phone into micro oven, Is this prevent mobile signal
  16. P

    The Complex Exponential

    In my electrical engineering textbook, they have an entire chapter devoted to the complex Exponential. I dont really understand it, nor do I understand its importance. I know it is extremely important, and need to understand why, and what exactly it is, and the wording of the online resources...
  17. P

    Root Mean Square

    What is the root mean squad (RMS) of a signal (or wave) and why is it important for electrical engineering? How do you Find it? What is it used for? Thank You All
  18. Geek007

    I Decomposition of apriodic and periodic signals

    Hi there, why the decomposition of periodic Composite signal give discrete frequencies and decomposition of aperiodic signal give continuous(in decimal) frequencies. please kindly do explain the concept behind in as simple words possible. Thanks
  19. Geek007

    What is baseline wandering in digital transmission?

    hi there, can someone please explain what is baseline wandering and how the continues 1's and 0's cause baseline wandering in digital transmission? Regards
  20. Geek007

    A Average amplitude of signal is zero, why?

    hi there, Why does we need to have a signal which always has the average amplitude of zero. i read some where that it would be inefficient for over transmission medium to carry a signal which have amplitude great than zero. Why?
  21. Captain1024

    Find the Output of an LTI System Given Input and Impulse Response

    Homework Statement Consider a LTI system for which the filter coefficients are ##{\mathrm{h}_k}=\{1,2,1\}##. Find the output when the input is ##\mathrm{x}[n]=3\mathrm{cos}(\frac{\pi}{3}n-\frac{\pi}{2})-3\mathrm{cos}(\frac{7\pi}{8}n)##. Identify two frequencies in this composite signal. Show...
  22. hdp12

    Average and rms values of a given signal

    Homework Statement I am in an Intro to EE class and we were given a homework assignment including the following question: Find the average and rms values of the signal: x(t)=3cos(7ωt)+4 I have formulas for average power and rms but they include V & I, however the signal was given as x(t). I...
  23. xaratustra

    Understanding quadrature sampling

    Hey everyone! Can anyone explain, why quadrature sampling works the way it does? i.e. taking 2 samples for the I and 2 samples for the Q. I mean I can understand if one tries to sample one mono frequency signal, say 40 Hz sine wave, on 0, 90, 180, 270 degrees, that is a sampling frequency of...
  24. R

    What does the exponential term mean in Fourier transform

    We know that Fourier Transform F(W) of function f(t) is summation from -infinity to +infinity product of f(t) and exp^{-j w t} Here, what does the exponential term mean?
  25. pretty_fly

    Opamp shaping amplifiers

    Hello everybody, nowadays I am working on shaping amlifiers and need guidiance about how to design one and do its simulations before pcb design and manufacturing. When googling about shaping amplifiers i found documents mostly about filters (active and passive), which i know works for rejecting...
  26. E

    Convolution Dirac impulse and periodic signal

    Hi ☺️ i have to do a convolution with a periodic signal and a dirac impulse: x(t)=sen(πt)(u(t)−u(t−2)) h(t)=u(t−1)−u(t−3) The first is a periodic graph that intersect axis x in points 0 , 1 and 2 (ecc) The se ing is a rectangle ( Dirac impulse ) that intersect AxiS x in points 1 and 3. For...
  27. V

    Is a sine signal a continous signal (analog signal) or a digital signal (discrete signal)?

    Also can we have an analog signal in alternating current?