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Similiarities between sociopath and asperger

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    Asperger people have OCD disorder, do sociopath have it too?
    Do asperger have shallow emotions?
    What are the similarities between a sociopath and an asperger?
    Can someone be both?
    Is sociopathy someshing you born with or you can get it during life?
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    jim mcnamara

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    I'm not sure what reading you have done.
    Q1: But OCD and Aspergers Disorder (AD) are not the same, not necessarily related, nor does an AD person usually also have OCD.
    Sociopaths do not necessarily have OCD either.
    Q2: No.
    Q3: Very few similarities. Sociopaths are often very 'personable', AD people are just socially very inept. They do not get 'body language' well, for example.
    Q4: Probably not
    Q5: I do not think there is a reasonable answer yet.

    Where did you get your information? If you wanted to know in general about these things you might consider Wikipedia.
    Plus - each of your questions would require massive citations for decent and complete answers. So again, consider Wikipedia
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    If you mean with this that Asperger people like order and rituals, then you need to realize that it's for very different reasons than OCD patients. So they don't have OCD in general.
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    @Cozma Alex -- After you have done the reading suggested by Jim, please PM me if you still want this thread re-opened. Thank you.
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