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Simple Question Regarding Extenuating Circumstance

  1. Jan 11, 2013 #1
    I am reapplying to graduate school after a very messy first semester at my current one. I have sufficient documentation justifying my withdrawal regarding my case. At one school I am applying too, the application offers a specific section for "supplemental material". Obviously I will be devoting this section to explaining my situation. Anyway, I am about finished with my essay and was considering ending the document with a sentence along the lines of:

    "If there are questions that the committee feels were sufficiently addressed by document, feel free to contact me via email or phone."

    I was also thinking about including a disclaimer, noting that I can produce an addition letter of recommendation from the school I left. But I dont feel this is necessary as I was there for only 2/3 of a semester and had serious medical issues going on that I did not know about until poop hit the rotorcraft.

    Its be nice if I added a question:
    Is that last sentence too bold? Does it imply there are issues I left out? Should I include an explanation of why I did not include letters of rec from my current school (to me it is obvious - perhaps this is the omitted issue)?
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    Instead of the disclaimer, you should just include the letter of recommendation from your current program. Having a a good rec letter from your current grad program will help your application immensely.

    Disclaimer or not, I think the admissions committee at your prospective school will be suspicious if you don't include the letter from your current program. Is there any particular reason you are not including it?

    I don't see any problem with leaving your contact info for further questions.
  4. Jan 14, 2013 #3
    I was only at the school for 2 months before I had to leave. I dont see what they possibly could have recommended me for given my short visit and the fact that I had so much going on that I wasn't performing up to par. My professors did support my decision to withdraw - they saw what was going on and thought it would be in my best interest.

    I did get the professor I TAed for to write me a letter of rec, but only for 1 school. The other school I just forwarded my letters from a previous admittance.
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